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South African Ambassador to the Netherlands Vusi Madonsela and the acting Chief State Law Advisor at the Department of International Relations Andre Stemmet will present South Africa’s oral arguments at the International Court of Justice. The court has begun a week of hearings on Israel’s control over Palestinian territories for more than 50 years. Yesterday, Palestine’s UN envoy described how international law has not protected Palestinian children in Gaza or the occupied West Bank…
Let us now take you to the ICJ hearing

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18 gedachten over “Zuid-Afrika presenteert mondelinge argumenten bij het Internationale Gerechtshof”
  1. What a absolute joke, just to set the facts straight, its not the people of SA going to court, its the terrorist organization the anc thats taking them to court, acting like a mouth peace for hamas, a fellow terrorist organization. Rather focus on sorting out your own house anc, you are a absolute joke…….

  2. My message of condemnation to the ICJ

    Although the ICJ and other international organisations and systems are wonderful things for preventing war crimes and other mass abuses…. in this case, the ICJ and most international organisations (if not all), are simply abusing thier authority when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people defending themselves against evil Muslim terrorists dictatorships! The Islamic terrorists and the Muslim nations that regularly uses torture and unimaginable levels of human rights violations, by doing things such as imposing Sharia law, and beating woman or beating children and forcing religion down people's throats undemocratically; they are the real bad guys! Stop abusing your authority and leave the Jewish people alone! I think you love bullying the Jewish people and the whole world is conspiring against the Jewish people. Israel is a democracy, not a tyranical state!

  3. The court doesn’t care about the Palestinian people and they are just pretending to be doing something for the world to see but as time goes on you can see that they really don’t care about their situation, look for yourself WHAT HAS CHANGED AND ISRAEL IS CONTINUING TO COMMIT GENOCIDE AND THE COURT IS STILL TAKING, TAKING NO ACTION AT ALL. SO ITS CLEAR TO SEE WHAT THEY REALLY BELIEVE AND SUPPORT

  4. "The new discoveries of oil and natural gas in the Levant Basin, amounting to 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas at a net value of $453 billion (in 2017 prices) and 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil at a net value of about $71 billion, offer an opportunity to distribute and share a total of about $524 billion among the different parties, in addition to the many intangible but substantive advantages of energy security and cooperation among long-time belligerents. They can also potentially be a source of additional conflict and violence if individual parties exploit these resources without due regard for the fair share of others. What could be a source of wealth and opportunities could prove disastrous if this common resource is exploited individually and exclusively, without due regard for international law and norms."
    United Nations (UNCTAD) publication.

  5. Perhaps south africa should take their own advice and stop calling for the genocide of their own white farmers through the song kill the Boer………. This along with BEE, 84 murders a day, failed infrastructure, no electricity, no water, no parliamentary brain cells…..

  6. Waste of time and specially money that should be used to FIX the mess the ANC have created. Instead they have to faff about with matters they have no clue about. If anything someone should take the ANC to court at the ICJ for terrorism against South Africa. Isn't it by the ANC's own words that said that cutting off electricity and water is terrorism? So they are committing the same crimes against the people of South Africa with "load shedding" and "water shedding". Wake up people. This country is a joke.

  7. In all we do, we should always stand firm both in our businesses and careers. We shouldn't be depending on our paychecks, we should have other things running to earn us money

  8. I hope you all notice that the rain in South Africa has stopped since our corrupt ruling party embarked on this madness and hypocrisy!!!!!

  9. As a Christian and a South African Israel has a right to defend itself from terrorists organizations and it people. It cannot afford another 1000k rocket missiles towards it people. So thina njenga ma Christians ngokuqonda esinakho ANC does not represent South Africa as it has also destroyed our economy and communities at large. ANC has stolen money from it own people and has become a lawless terrorist organization by this current government of ANC (African National of Corruption). Israel has a right to purge off all form of terrorism. As South Africans we the people and churches stand with Israel 🇮🇱🇿🇦


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