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In the Madeline Soto case, who will be arrested next?
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22 gedachten over “Wie zal in de Madeline Soto-zaak als volgende worden gearresteerd?”
  1. The minute a person is involved intimately with another person, that would cloud the judgement. Because one only wants to believe the best from the beloved. Certainly this lady doesn't want to believe her boyfriend who she loves killed her child who she also loves. I can understand that much. I think biological Dad had no relationship with Maddie seriously speaking. Let's be real here. Bio Dad , we are not even sure if this man Tyler Wallis ever financially supported this child. I feel Tyler spent the last thirteen years trying to run from Maddie. It seems that way. Tyler got married to another woman two mos after Maddie was born. Strange to say the least.

  2. Out of respect to Maddie and her memory, I would EXPEXT her biological father to make a statement….no matter HOW SHORT. It would be an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of her life at the least. Seems strange……I would feel my child deserved that and as a parent I SHOULD .

  3. I'm surprised the mom didn't say anything about her daughter. I believe she knew her daughter was being molested by this monster. Madeline may God give you peace now.

  4. Dude – you’re a cop. You are trained to be aware of criminal activity. Jennifer is not like you guys – it’s highly likely that because she worked nights that Sterns took full advantage of his “private time” with Madeleine. Mom appears to be naive – that could be for several reasons which don’t add up to criminal behavior. Sterns is clearly a manipulative criminal and she & her daughter were easy targets.

  5. This happened to me
    I fought back but survived
    They always work in 2,s or more
    Theres a picture of the preditor he has raybans on
    Who is the child in the reflection ????
    Is it madaline looks very like her to me

  6. Prob a dumb question, but if he’s looking at life anyway, what would be his motive to give up the info about the murder he (allegedly) committed?

  7. I agree she can be used against Sterns.. ( Jennifer ) but I don’t think a cutting a deal with her would be giving her an open door to get away without her part and consequences for allowing this crime to continue going on. Was she or wasn’t she in the car? SHE SAID WE.. so she was there! Now I’m hiding? Don’t buy it!

  8. I know you sur heard the letter her stepmother and biological father said.. and I respect that… but if they too spent time with Madeline , were they too blind too? A child’s face can express happiness, but truly as their is a God in heaven, sadness, pain, endured sexual abuse can be visible as well.. Couldn’t any one, someone, see her pain? I’m sorry, I don’t believe that!!

  9. Said it before going to be a lot more charges on him and others this is just the beginning of charges and individuals who will face charges and Madeline will not be the only child I am sure they will discover

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  11. Duty Ron, you and your wife have an honest respectful relationship. Jenn and that creep did not. Forget knowing and access to electronics. Just observing the basic behaviors sounds words gestures exchanged by M snd the creep. I strongly believe that Jen. Came home to something happening in real time and flipped out, and everyone and everything went to hell‼️🤢😡☹️So the creep didn’t necessarily threaten Jenn, bcus she took part in ending M. this may be the case.

  12. They don’t owe the public anything. Of course he didn’t know. I’m sure he would have taken action. Leave the father alone. He should have been more alert and aware I will say that!

  13. The mother does have Bipolar Disorder, and is likely on a cocktail of medications that could affect speech, blunt affect (mood), facial expressions and body language…

    …it was mentioned by a friend or relative that her bedtime meds were very sedating.

    It is not completely out of the realm of possibility that the predator took advantage of these circumstances.

    Just throwing out some food for thought.

  14. What needs to happen here is he needs to get life in jail he does not deserve a easy way out after all the things that he's done

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