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SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Why did it take so long to stop the abuse being suffered by Ruby Franke’s children? It’s a question many are asking. Family members said they were calling for help for years, and the police and the Division of Child and Family Services seemed to do nothing about it. Whose job is it to make sure DCFS is doing their job?

There’s a panel on Utah’s Capitol Hill that oversees DCFS, and members of that panel said they’ve wanted answers about this case for months. However, they weren’t really able to get a lot of details from the division until now.


One word posted on Shari Franke’s Instagram story over a video of police trying to arrest her mother, Ruby, at her home in Springville. In another post, she stated, “We’ve been trying to tell police and CPS for years about this, and so glad they finally decided to step up.”


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25 gedachten over “Wetgevers in Utah stellen Div. van de responstijd van Child and Family Services in de kindermisbruikzaak van Franke”
  1. This is widespread. We need to listen to children and take reports from neighbors, teachers, family seriously. One precious child suffering alone is a tragedy, but it’s happening all over the country. Americans are better than this.

  2. U think? When ignoring issues to protect a religion is more important, clearly something is extremely wrong. They didn't have eyes on the kids because they didn't want to

  3. All DCFS cares about was he had a bed in the house. The parents went on offensive and lawyered up as well. They even went on channel to whine about. They even threatened to sue other YouTube people for calling them out on it. Lots of them pulled the content of the clip until the arrest. Don’t really blame DCFS. They left all the kids with Shari alone when COVID started coincidentally and the earthquake happened. They were all minors. I don’t think you can start locking people up for leaving a minor in the care of a 16/17 year old. Who have family they can call. They would have to lock up everyone. It’s a darned if don’t darned if you do situation.

  4. So, if they “closed their eyes” because were mormons, I assume that also the members of the board of pardon & parole will do the same and will set the two monster free soon, free to restart perpetrating their delusional doctrine

  5. It WAS YEARS of reporting and that’s why so many are pissed off~MYSELF INCLUDED!!!!! Personally going IN and reported and STILL NOTHING!!!! BS!!!

  6. This is about not even trying to investigate complaints. Abusers won't answer the door. Usually than CPS sends an investigator interviews kids at school. Home Schooled kids are tougher but Franke kids had some outside activities where a parent might not attend regularly.

    In this case complaints were coming in from different sources too!

    This happened in the Castro case. Cops knocked on the door. No answer on to the next one. No return visits.😮

  7. It's the Mormons, they run CPS, please shut the cult of Mormon down. Everyone in government in Utah/Idaho/AZ in LE is Mormon.

  8. Good place to investigate. Thank you. Officers in California said the same thing. Though my experience has been positive so far.

  9. So if they knock on the door and nobody answers, they just let it go and do nothing? For years? Nobody interviews the children or neighbors or relatives? And do nothing until some fluke happens when the children are in imminent danger of dying? Church standing or income should have NOTHING to do with procedures, and it looks like IF they have them, they are loosey goosey with them if they don’t feel like going to the next level. Those two kids would have been dead within a few weeks had not the boy escaped and asked for help.

  10. they need internal affairs investigation at these DCFS offices and also investigate the dcfs employees need to be let go be held accountable just like police officers who don't follow the rules whatever it takes get these people out fill those positions with others who are willing to help

  11. I do think their hands are tied somewhat with the laws around what is abuse in Utah I don’t think it’s a very high bar from the info I have seen

  12. She’s making excuses and is lying. They could have removed the kids. If you have money then They tread lightly and you keep your kids no matter what the report claims. If you have no money, you lose your kids for very little reason.
    Such BS!

  13. Dcfs is so busy messing with people and destroying those lives that they do nothing with the cases they should be involved with. I protected my children from an abusive ex who tried to poison my youngest son . Demanded she was arrested rushed him to the hospital and demanded the police and dcfs. Kicked her out and have literally still all this time not ever seen her. Yet dcfs comes in removes my children from me. And now I'm no longer custodial parent and hardly see my kiddos. But I never ever miss an opportunity to be with them and fully involved. Yet dcfs comes in removes then from our home says I failed to protect my children. So clearly I fight the case and it was almost 2 years later dropped and even stated by the over seeing judge that not only did I protect my children but that I went above and beyond. Yet now I lost my custodial parent role because I'm a man in utah with low income. So now because of dcfs I don't have then. And family court turned my so called TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER into what is now several years later. Because clearly we can't disrupt my kids life . What a crock they had no problem disrupting and removing them in a police car back then. Utah is a very bias and ridiculous state. The courts family court. Dcfs all of it. Lonely and broken hearted single father here. 😔 😢. 💔.

  14. Everybody knows D C F S is overworked and cannot perform their job and maybe that’s the reason. But children are continually dying or being tortured after have been reported to them. Something has to change.,THIS SYSTEM IS BROKEN,😡

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