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Orange is a MAJOR colour in the Netherlands, but it doesn’t appear on the flag – why not? What happened to the reputation of the Dutch Prinsenvlag?

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24 gedachten over “Wat is er gebeurd met de Oud-Hollandse Vlag (Prinsenvlag)?”
  1. You talk so fast that I cannot follow let alone think about what you say. Are you in hurry ?? Why do you talk so fast ? Did you learn these things also at such a speed ?

  2. It’s a shame the fascists ruined it because it a much more beautiful and unique flag compared with the normal Dutch flag

  3. Be careful, that Batavian Republic flag is actually the naval flag. The Batavian Republic actually used something similar to modern Luxembourg, with a lighter blue, and no emblem in the corner

  4. The Fascists ruined the Prinsenvlag. Like Fascists always do. Honestly in order to make our flag distinctive from Luxembourg we should change it back to Orange white and blue

  5. Another fact that even in old paintings both can be seen on ships. The reason for this was that orange was a mixture of red and yellow. After a year of voyage over the seas caused the yellow to have faded away turning the orange into red.

  6. Thank God our royal family is called Orange and not Black or Von Saxen-Coburg Gotha like the English.

  7. My grandparents in Amsterdam had a fully orange flag next to a red-white-blue. The orange one was flagged on Queens' Day.

  8. Basically the NSB did to the flag what the Nazis did to the Swaztika, the latter being a symbol of good fortune & blessings in Asia. Of course, the Swaztika in Buddhism has a different orientation to the Nazi version, but w/o context, you'll defo realise eyebrows. There are a lot of gifts in Asia adroned with Swaztikas, just don't bring it back as a souvenir.

  9. Prinsenvlag is de echte originele Nederlandse vlag, en tevens de mooiste versie. Voor mij is de vlag met rood er één van Nederland onder het Amerikaans-globalistische imperium van na de tweede wereldoorlog

  10. I'm not from the Netherlands but my reason for preferring the orange striped flag is that the color red is used by every damn flag in the world while orange is very rare and it would be a lot more original than just having a French flag displayed sideways

  11. The Prinsenvlag was the colour of the old South African flag… it was more of a compromise than an ideal for the Afrikaner. Surprising it lasted as long as it did!

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