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Why do Americans have this gap in their history about the fact that large parts of the origins of the United States used to be Dutch? In four parts, best-selling author Russell Shorto gives a tour through what used to be New Amsterdam, and what we now call New York.

This is part 1 in a series of 4.

New Amsterdam Tour
Part 1. Why do Americans know so little about their Dutch history?
Part 2. What’s left of New Amsterdam in Lower Manhattan?
Part 3. Meet a forgotten American visionary.
Part 4. How New Amsterdam influenced America

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What’s left of New Amsterdam in Lower Manhattan

The oldest house of New York City – (is older than you think)

Why don’t Americans know their own Dutch history?

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This video is with kind thanks to Labrys Reizen in the Netherlands, Russell Shorto, and all people who took the tour.

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12 gedachten over “Waarom kennen Amerikanen hun eigen Nederlandse geschiedenis niet? – 1/4”
  1. Always find it frustrating when the English, Scottish and Welsh are all referred to as “the English”. All have their own cultures and languages. If you use a term, use British.

  2. I got interested in the history of New York after reading Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” in which he describes a village established by the Dutch and mentions Peter Stuyvesant. I am an English teacher in Brazil and I started a research on Peter Stuyvesant. He lived in Brazil for 10 years during the time the Dutch were colonizing Northeastern Brazil. He lost his right leg because of a cannonball while fighting the Englishmen in Curacao. Then he went to Holland to recover. After that he was sent to be the Governor of New Netherland by the Dutch West India Company.

  3. I'd wager that most Americans don't even know that U.K. and Netherlands are different countries and certainly couldn't find them on a map. Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel have proven that.

  4. Because students today are taught race, race, race, "gender", "gender", "gender" and division, division, division. That's why

  5. leaves Amsterdam

    Paulus immigrated to America in 1644, settling at New Amsterdam (Manhattan), NY.

    Paulus L. Van Der Grift

    An an employee of the West India Company, he was Captain of the ship 'Neptune' until 1645 and then the 'Grest Garritt' until 1646.

    Stokes' Castello Plan Notes seem to indicate that he gained wealth by shady means… (see documents)

    Paulus accompanied Peter STUYVESANT (see photo) on a journey to the West Indies in 1654. He served in a number of New Amsterdam offices (including Burgermaster 1657-1658 and 1661-1664).

    A large land owner in New Amsterdam, he was a member of the Council in 1647-1648 337and Burgermaster (Mayor of New Amsterdam (now New York)) in 1657-1658 and 1661-1664; Orphan Master in 1656-1660 and member of Convention, 1653-1663.

    He was a signer of the Ratification of the Articles of Capitualtion in 1664 which transferred New Netherland to the English.

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