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In this episode, Michelle and Alex discuss the stranger side of the Netherlands. They (very obviously) love living in the Netherlands, but in this video, they’ll talk about some of the surprising and unexpected things that they’ve learned about the Netherlands only after moving here.

Episode 94 · Filmed on September 18, 2023 · Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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10:26 Wrap up

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We’re Michelle and Alex, an American expat couple living abroad in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱

In 2020, we quit our jobs to travel the world, and… well, that didn’t happen. So in 2022, we decided to make an even BIGGER change by packing up our lives (and our cats 🐈) and moving from Austin, Texas, in the US, to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. Subscribe for new videos like this every week!

22 gedachten over “UNEXPECTED THINGS ABOUT THE NETHERLANDS (dutch culture shock)”
  1. I think nobody knows why we all congratulate each and everyone. But I do know that probably everyone hates to do it…. maybe we should reconsider this tradition.

  2. Should you visit Groningen, there's a shop called 'Droppie het lekkere shoppie' it's licorice only, and there you will be able to find the best licorice on the planet.
    My personal favorite is 'laurierdrop', you'll probably not find it in most (if any) supermarkets but it is absolutely worth taking some extra trouble to locate it (not saying it's worth traveling from Dordrecht to Groningen specifically, no candy is THAT good).
    What's interesting is the liability question when a motor vehicle has a collision with a biker or a pedestrian, it's one of the reasons automotive travelers pay extra attention to non motorised traffic.
    Brdankt voor de leuke video! And your gggg' s are getting quite convincing as well. 😂👍

  3. Those towel disposers work like a tape from a tape or videorecorder.
    The towels are about 10 meters long and the used part gets winded up so you always have a fresh and clean piece of the towel. When used up, the filthily spool is taken out to be washed and a fresh roll is installed.
    (You didn't really thought that we invented a machine that presents all other people's filth to you? )

  4. A tip for people, especially women, who don’t want the stress about finding a toilet during a day trip: buy a museum-jaarkaart. Then every museum turns into a great public toilet. Except on mondays when most museum are closed. Then you are on your own.

  5. There used to be a butcher in Arnhem who was kind of famous for his horse meat. He also gave a whole lecture about the history of horse meat to his customers. I don’t know if it’s accurate but he told me that the use of horse meat is customary in areas that were occupied by Napoleon’s army and it is not customary (and even sometimes frowned upon) in areas the French did not conquer.

  6. Another weird birthday one: If it's your birthday, you're expected to bring a cake or some other snack to give to your school mates or coworkers, instead of them getting you one.

  7. Horse meat was traditionally eaten by the poor in the Netherlands. My nan used to get quite a bit of it. In the past, farm and cart horses who were at the end of their lives were butchered for that purpose. It still happens in a smaller scale. The good thing about horse meat though, is that most horses had a good life. They were fed the best food and not stuffed with medicines like antibiotics like some farm bred animals are. From a health perspective, it's a better option.

  8. Bike helmets are seen a lot more these days, especially kids and the elderly, due to electric bikes,fireworks are more and more banned, stoofvlees at a cafetaria and in groseriestores are cowmeat(horse meat is expensive)

  9. When I think of America in September, I think of all those American soldiers who risked their lives to liberate our country in WW2 (Operation Market garden) . We are still grateful to America for that.

  10. When you're having zuurkool or boerenkool for dinner in the winter . You should replace the rookworst with paardenworst. (cook / heat the paardenworst together with the zuurkool/boerenkool) Delicious imo !!

  11. About the towel dispenser in restrooms: I always do two or three drawdowns, in stead of only one.., to make sure that I get a fresh clean and dry piece of towel…

  12. How about some "weird things" in The Netherlands 🇳🇱 on "Koningsdag" (27th of April) and "Prinsjesdag" (third Tuesday in September). 🤔

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