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27.09.2013 – The World Forum for Democracy with the title “Re-wiring democracy: connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age” is organised by the Council of Europe and its partners and will be held on 23-29 November 2013. It will critically examine the promise of innovative strategies of political participation to remedy the worrying trends of disengagement and lack of trust in modern democracies. In 19 labs, participants from the world of politics, academia, civil society, business, media and social networks will critically review these innovative initiatives, assess their mainstreaming potential, inject new ideas into them, and identify the most promising ones for further promotion and dissemination.

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  1. America is the Little Red Hen who worked and prepared, while everyone else laughed at her, but at the end when they saw what she had done, they ALL wanted a piece of it. In times past, (before Obama) the rest of the World hated America at one point or another, or they mocked it for what it was, before they saw it had become… strong, free independent, wealthy, etc. NOW they all not only want a piece ofbit they want to rip it apart and reestablish it under the jurisdiction of a Global Government.

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