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Alexey Navalny’s death removes the most prominent opponent of President Vladimir Putin, and sends another unmistakable signal of the dangers of standing up to the Russian leader’s increasingly repressive regime. Top Bloomberg TV guests react to the news and what this could mean for NATO allies and the US response.

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11 gedachten over “Top BTV-gasten reageren op de dood van Navalny”
  1. Navalny never had significant popular support in Russia. US is hypocritical as it has many political prisoners: Assange, Abu-Jamal, Peltier, and any number of whistleblowers

  2. A lot of conspiracy theorists blaming Putin for this. It's such a shame Legacy Media is spreading those unfounded conspiracy theories.

  3. Orange rape boy probably called putin to congratulate him on the murder.

    🚨💩 trump(bone spurs) said our troops are “Suckers and Losers”,
    Trump lost, Trump organized a violent coup attempt, Trump sexually assaulted/raped, Trump overestimated his properties for purposes of bank loans and devalued the properties for tax purposes. Trump embezzled money from his charity, trump operated a Fake University(fraud), Trump was pals with Epstein for over two decades, Trump is on the Epstein list and 7 flight logs. Trump interfered with congressional funds to ask a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political rival. Trump purposely took top secret materials to mar lago and shared them with multiple people including a lobbyist for China. Trump interfered with the election by pressuring multiple state election officials to change their vote. Trump organized fake electors in multiple states and stole an election machine in Georgia so the weirdo “cyber ninjas” could check for I don’t know, bamboo? 90% of anything coming out of trump’s mouth is lies or vile comments about anyone that opposes him.
    So maga now supports a criminal pedophile. 🤮👿
    Bonus round: Paid $130,000 to a prostitute with corporate funds.👿

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