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An early Saturday morning shooting in Martini Bar at CityPlace Doral — that killed two and injured seven — remained under investigation, according to police.

23 gedachten over “Schietpartij in Doral: vermoorde bewaker van de Martini Bar geïdentificeerd”
  1. DeSantis passing permit less guns in public and other no restriction on guns

    is result of more gun violence and death.

    Shame on Republicans and their gun obsession.

  2. That detective Alvaro Zabaleta you could of been a bit more personal when mentioning the security guard at 1:15 it's like you were saying something that you didn't want to say but you had to. Ohh wait, you are probably one of them that look down at securith… shame on you fake. It is a shameless act of violence being aloud to happen do to the lack of action by our politicians and weak laws and punishment. Prayers for everyone involved injured and killed. Please 🙏 keep our law enforcement, first responders safe and return home to their loved ones.

  3. I frequent Martini Bar often cuz I use to live in Doral City Place and I can tell you most likely the shooter probably wasn’t even Legal in this country, stuff like that just is not suppose to happen in a family oriented place :/

  4. If you have to have a security guard at a Martini bar, it shows how low class your clientele is. That business should just pack it up.

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