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Rescuers were working to clear parts of a collapsed structure on Saturday after gunmen stormed the Moscow concert hall, opened fire on the crowd Friday evening,and reportedly threw explosive devices that started the fire.

Russian authorities arrested four people suspected of taking part in the attack on a suburban Moscow concert hall that killed at least 133 people and believe they were headed to Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin said Saturday during an address to the nation.

Kyiv, meanwhile, strongly denied any involvement in Friday’s attack on the Crocus City Hall music venue in Krasnogorsk. Kyiv accused Putin and other Russian politicians of falsely linking Ukraine to the assault to stoke fervor in Russia’s war in Ukraine, which recently entered its third year.

Putin said authorities have detained a total of 11 people in the attack, which also injured scores of concertgoers and left the venue a smoldering ruin. He called it “a bloody, barbaric terrorist act” and said Russian authorities captured the four suspected gunmen as they were trying to escape to Ukraine through a “window” prepared for them on the Ukrainian side of the border.

Videos posted online showed gunmen in the venue shooting civilians at point-blank range. Russian news reports cited authorities and witnesses as saying the attackers threw explosive devices that started the fire. The roof of the theater, where crowds had gathered for a performance by the Russian rock band Piknic, collapsed early Saturday as firefighters spent hours fighting the blaze. #Moscow #Russia #reels #videography #voanews

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  1. Are your script-writers on strike? Muslims AGAIN? When are you going to start blaming the space aliens? Ive been waiting 50 years already. I cant sit through another season of the same old recycles narratives..

  2. RIP 🕊 ❤
    ALL families who are struggling and suffering from war. 🙏

    It's not beyond Isis to target innocent civilians.

  3. Boycott Tyson food boycott planet fitness take back home from squatters wake up America corrupt justice system thank you Joe Biden

  4. Horrible just as the ukraine continuous . poor vlad mad that ukraine wouldn't help put traitor trump in office

  5. Poor" poor" Russia its so un fair to be attacked for no, reason kind of like a free Democratic country being invaded FOR NO REASON!

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