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An unresolved dispute resulted in a security guard’s intervention and a gunman who decided to fatally shoot him before a shootout with police officers in Martini Bar at CityPlace Doral.

24 gedachten over “Onopgelost geschil resulteert in 9 schoten, waaronder 2 doden in Doral”
  1. Why are racusts so concerned about a killer? Is it because they are cowards and are contemplating doing a similar act. There are many, many, many, sick people in MAGA walkin around of all races, please people be more pragmatic, and less, blame the black man firvall crime, and illegal immigrants before Jesus comes back please!

  2. Why leave a bar open after 1 A.M. ? For money? The low lifes who show up have little money. They will Rob someone. That place is Not Las vegas.

  3. Still no description or picture of the shooter? Definitely not a white guy or we'd all know his name and see his face by now. News is nothing more than state run propaganda now. Disgusting

  4. I didnt know that it was legal to take a gun into a bar. Alcohol, tempers, nd guns dont mix. He had his whole life ahead of him.

  5. Wow they deleted my comment. Well here you go again. 9 people shot and they didn’t call it a mass shooting? Why? Because it doesn’t fit the liberal media narrative!! You guys are terrible and should be ashamed at the fact that when people speak the truth you delete their comments

  6. na meen blicky blocky my kicks gang gang na meen
    blicky blicky blocky tiky toky bang bang gang gang blicky blocky
    shoots gun
    gang gang blicky!!

  7. Knowing these people, the fight probably started over an accidental spilled drink or somebody scuffing another guy's Air Jordans.

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