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18 gedachten over “Nederland: Ze hebben de rekening gedeeld! | Alles over Tulpenland”
  1. Some interesting points, but a lot of bullshit as well. If you've ever been to a Walmart in the US, or a concert or a bar in Canada, you would not say that women here dress more casually. On the contrary, women here tend to dress more chique, rather than less. All in all, some rather misogynistic points in this video …

  2. I'd love to see Holland our family came to America from Amesterdam Holland in 1636 pieter. Clasen and later changed to Wyckoff the British did that when we got in America

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  4. India should cultivate close relations iwoth Netherland on semiconductor chip technology besides
    Farming technology.

    It had capacity
    Feed the whole world.

    Modiji, please apply your jadoo to get technology cooperation with this country.

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