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Ottawa Police Service said on Thursday that the homicide unit was called in after six people — four children and two adults — were found dead inside a home in the west-end Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven on Wednesday night.

Police said one person was taken into custody and that there is no threat to public safety, and the victims’ identities have not yet been released.

“This is a tragic and complex investigation, and investigative teams remain on Berrigan Drive,” police said, asking that anyone with information contact Ottawa police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.

In a statement on X, Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe called it “one of the most shocking incidents of violence in our city’s history” and said that “We are proud to live in a safe community but this news is distressing to all Ottawa residents.”

Global’s David Baxter has more.

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Door Leo Cobbs

14 gedachten over “Moordzaak in Ottawa: 4 kinderen en 2 volwassenen dood aangetroffen in het huis van Barrhaven”
  1. To whom they complain about immigrants , let's not forget about a Canadian serial killer, Bruce McArthur who killed 8 innocent men in Toronto , sluttered them into pieces …. Criminal can happen in any race , ethnicity and gender .

  2. Very sad, unfortunately this is only the beginning. Canada and the US have allowed millions of unvetted immigrants in to our countries. God help us

  3. I see a alot of rasicm in the comments like my father is sri lankan and i have lived in sri lanka for like 15 years and i can tell you that in sri lanka it's extremely rare for mass murderers, rape or any other big crimes except robberies lmao.

  4. I love how, on any day I feel dumb, I can just come to the comment section of a Canadian news story and feel like a genius compared to everyone around me. There's something seriously wrong with the lot of you.

  5. Sri Lankans are very nice and decent people, I think the best from South Asian countries. Can't even imagine something like this.

  6. This family invited an invader into their home. I feel sorry for the children, no sympathy for the adults- they brough it upon themselves. 🤷‍♂️

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