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11 gedachten over “Jury beraadslaagt over het lot van de vader van de schutter op de middelbare school in Michigan”
  1. The school needs to be held responsible as well, because if they were concerned then they needed to separate him from other students or should have called the authorities to handle him.

  2. I haven’t seen any of the trial yet, had wondered why the father didn’t take him along on his DoorDash deliveries – that would be so easy! Did anyone see the part of the trial where they discussed that? I know they commented on it in this video.

  3. Doesn't anyone see the basics, the plain & simple anymore? Set the issue aside for the moment. Proclaiming someone is guilty, knowing they are innocent is wrong no matter what the details are (that's not my opinion, It's a fact that is the same for all in the U.S.. Why? Every area in law they use old cases as examples. All it takes is one case where a person is found guilty when everyone knows that person didn't do the crime. The long term effects will be horrific. There is already to many innocent people in prison ( a fact that everyone knows). This is how it happens, our country is not immune to it. research free societies before ours that failed, research in reverse, what was going on during the final days, what caused/allowed those events, what those events were about, & so on. . IF THIS MAN IS FOUND GUILTY, THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN, we will be seeing people charged with all kinds of crimes they had nothing to do with,. IT'S SELFISH, because everyone that's alive today will have lived out our lives when the horrific long term effects kick in. We have no right to do that to them((future generations)

  4. So if your teenage kid gets into the fridge and drinks his parents beer and then gets in a car drunk and kills someone is the parent guilty??

  5. The ghetto is sweating right now, holding parents responsible for the actions of their kids 😂 judge me not for the actions of my fath….. I mean son 😂 honestly though this is the dumbest charge possibly ever. Did you have a mentally ill kid well your plucked

  6. This is such a tragic situation all around. The young victims, the son, the parents, the families…. even for the jury who has to decide… goodness

  7. L❤fe. There was plenty of evidence that he was not in a good way and it's parents completely ignored it.. Even the schools told him that morning, and instead of taking him home or to a doctor, they chose to go back to work. CHOICES = CONSEQUENCES . They didn't wanna be bothered with the kid. They just threw money at him!!!

  8. These poor folks. Their life is living hell and their kid goes through with an atrocity, and now they're getting prosecuted as well. I empathize with them so much. Millions of parents are neglectful… What about the THOUSANDS of crimes committed in the inner cities? Gang violence that isn't reported on with neglect so bad that the dad literally doesn't even exist at all? This sets a VERY scary precedent!!!!

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