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My perspective of living in the Netherlands as an international has changed seemingly overnight. In this video I’m explaining how. I was inspired to create this video after my “6 reasons why you should not move to the Netherlands” went semi-viral back in 2020.



Dutch Logic Explained in 5 Minutes (Dutch Culture Shock)

I No Longer Expect These From Dutch People

What to do when visiting Rotterdam, the Netherlands for the first time




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10 gedachten over “How my perspective of the Netherlands changed overnight”
  1. However, what you said in an earlier video still holds true: The taxes are very high. The weather is bad. You showed us your umbrella. And homes in the Netherlands can not compare at all to those in the USA, which are way more modern and superior build quality with garages, and private parking, central heating and air conditioning, humidifier, washer and drier, basement, workshop in basement, beautiful yard for cookouts, excellent plumbing and electrical, and on and on.

  2. You graduated from TUE that is awesome, kinda jealous to be honest. Even if you didn't find the right path straightaway you will find it in the end. Whether it will be in the Netherlands or not that doesn't matter. Glad you spend some time with us and thankful for sharing your experience.

  3. I’m from California but I have to that The Netherlands sucks, the country smells Weed 80% of the people in Dutch people are Naughty.

    Some of the people calling it direct but that is just a weird excuse to be naughty because being direct has always limitations but the dutch don’t have any limitations for being direct that what I called being naughty.

    There have a terrible IT security it’s also one of the highest sexiest country in the world 🤢🤮 and there are on of the most Stingiest country in the world there are literally crying about 1 millimeter 🤣🤣🤣 and also the worst country to have neighbors with. The neighbors calling 911 for walking in my own home 😰 I’m glad you like it there because I didn’t 😿 it make me cry.

    But I’m living in New Zealand right now and everything is fine people are nice neighbors are sweet beaches are beautiful 😇😇

  4. Finally…. you've landed ! You've been putting so much energy in fighting the society and therefor struggling with yourself… and now look what happened: You've embraced Dutch society and happiness is upon you ! One more thing to complete your happiness: Learn to speak Dutch and more happiness will come your way!

  5. Have no job, and no income, my wife still has a job, but doesn't earn much…. living out of grace, count the blessings of every day 🙂 And doing sidewalk astronomy, showing people the Moon and the sky….So I understand the worries of having no income 🙁

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