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Jack Shore is music producer out of Israel who moved to the Netherlands about a year ago. In his short time in the Netherlands, he’s become a viral sensation on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube through his entertaining content that highlights his integration into the country. But making fun videos about Dutch culture is just a part of it; he’s also a successful music producer who is pursuing a goal rising more and more in the industry. Check out this video to hear his story and his process of finding success after moving to the Netherlands!

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Why Jack moved to the Netherlands
01:24 How Jack became viral in the Netherlands
02:35 Top 3 pros and cons of living in the Netherlands
06:13 Guessing 3 Dutch expressions
08:23 Tips and advice for moving to the Netherlands
09:42 Jack’s studio
10:20 What’s next for Jack

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20 gedachten over “How Moving To The Netherlands Changed His Life, The @musicbyjackshore Story”
  1. Dit was echt een leuk interview, ik volg jouw al een tijdje en ik kwam Jack een paar weken geleden tegen op YouTube en nu dit interview. Heel leuk. 👍🏻🔥

  2. Great video. Super cool you got to talk to Jack Shore. Also, your camerawork is getting slicker and better with each episode. Nicely done, man!

  3. Amazing video Sam!!!! He shares the same positives I noted on my initial visit to the Netherlands ❤❤❤❤I can’t wait to visit again💕

  4. This guy is a legend, I think part of why he is blowing up is that we Dutch are secretly quite patriotic. We don't really show it, but we love seeing other people talking about The Netherlands, especially people like him complimenting us and taking an interest in our culture

  5. Great video again Sam! It's a good idea you want to do more of these interviews. The one you had with our King Willem Alexander is of course legendary! But your interview with Sergio Vyent was the best so far because it had more in depth questions. With Jack I thought you would take the opportunity to ask him about the current situation in Israel.

  6. I came here for love lots of those things he said are true what really helps is to get to know the Dutch they can give tips and show you the way if needing help and make you feel more welcome while getting used to their culture. Another great video nice to see your still about havnt come across one of your videos for a long time. Enjoy life Enjoy your day.

  7. "Nu breekt mijn klomp" makes sense if you realise how hard it is to break a klomp. They're carved from a single piece of wood, so they're very strong. Having your klomp break is indeed an unexpected thing.

    Very valid points on the negative sides off the Netherlands, as a Dutchie.

    1. The overly structured social life is a little too much for many Dutch people, but it is just so engrained in our culture. People aren't very spontaneous like many other cultures can be.
    2. The taxes are stupid, especially as we're getting less and less for it. It is still better than a lot of other countries, but our taxes are way higher.
    3. The weather is the absolute worst. We hate it as well but what are you going to do about it. It is kind of like Israel being too hot. You learn how to live with it. To feel less depressed in winter, drink milk regularly (unless you're lactose intolerant). It contains Vitamine D, which you also get from the sun but not enough in the short, grey winters. This is one of the reasons dairy is so important in the rainy, cold, dark north western Europe. Obviously, go outside regularly, but it might not be enough. Not a cure all, but it helps.

  8. Everything planned in the Netherlands? …… Sorry, I'm born and living still, now 67 years. What part of the Netherlands you lived, at the nerds? You know the ones who can live of 32 hours work ,they say it's working… You know, I worked in the transport /distribution section -in four days 55 hours-.Yes, 48 hours driving time, as it set in the European law,…. driving time is not working time. In my free time never have, ore has, trouble to go out and so on. The only ones who have a strict agenda, are the ones who don't care, the nerd's. I'll think a worldwide problem.

  9. The 'agenda-appointments' thing seems to be an expat-thing.
    Like most of northen-Europeans, people just go to their 'stam-café' and meet their friends and envirements.
    I'm sure you'll find the same in Denmark or Sweden…

  10. Begon je al een beetje te missen hier op YT en dan kom je weer met een klein meesterwerk. Heb weer genoten man. Wat hebben we toch een mooi land met zulke leuke mensen 💪🏻. Oké, uitzondering is het weer. Word gek van de regen 🤪

  11. Nice. Immigrating is always nice. And Jack must REALLY like it here. So much so that he used the word 'like' at least 84 times in that very short video. (Yeah, I had to count with the subtitles on). I thought speaking like that is like only like an american like way of speaking, but I guess it's like also from other countries like, I don't know, like Israel, or like any other countries where people like speak English or like watch a lot of like American videos or other things like Netflix or like youtube or like really like anything. Be careful Sam, speaking like that is like really contagious. But yeah, otherwise I really do like your videos. Like totally. 😀 (Sorry, I really just had to like point that out…nothing personal).

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