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Fiber optics in the LAN, server room, and Data Center. We will explore single-mode and multimode
fiber cables and their types. A look at the revolution with MPO/MTP cables, connectors, and

We look at connectors, cables, and polish types typically found in LANs, server rooms and
Data Centers. Why polarity in fiber patch cables is so critical; the opposite of twisted-pair
copper patch cables. I will demonstrate why MPO connectors, cables, and transceivers bring a low-cost, high-fiber density revolution to LANs, server rooms, and Data Centers.

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1mW (5km) FVFL-204 Pen Shape Visual Fault Locator
FOPM-201 Handheld Optical Power Meter
FOLS-201 Handheld Fiber Optical Light Source
5m (49ft) LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM4
LC-SC Hybrid Simplex Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter
OM4 Multimode Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter
OM1 Multimode Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter
Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Media Converter
DOM LC MMF Transceiver Module
Fiber Optic Patch Cable

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40G SWDM4 Technical Specs:
Understanding latency and why AOCs are attractive:
ColorChip Optics:
Deployment of 200-400Gbe optics:
Fiber Optics Cleaners:
SerDes Architechtures:

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11 gedachten over “Glasvezelfouten die moeten worden opgelost: een handleiding voor IT-beheerders”
  1. How is it possible for multiple customers to share 1 line of fiber to the ISP?

    One IP address has 32 bits (that's 32 possible 1 or 0 – Or 1 flash of light or none)…Inside the IP has data (thats more flashes of light)..There are other stuff too….this is just for one customer….for every customer to share one line to the ISP, thats like 1 million flashes of light in 1 second in one line. That's impossible. I can't fine an answer to this question anywhere.

  2. I am right now troubleshooting a CNC machine (machining center) and the controller with components in electrical panel are talking with each other with fiber optic and right now data isn't seeing on the control when limit switches are triggered. However, haven't seen the same connector or cable like those shown in the video, it is way different. I assume the IT comm and industrial isn't the same at all. Too bad… 😔

    Hopefully I can find some affordable equipment to see what's wrong

  3. These videos are really wonderful – educational and well presented.

    Are there any optical tranceivers that operate in full-duplex mode over a single strand?

  4. Wait a minute. If your school used OS1 — single-mode cable, there's no reason for it to have been obsolete in 15 years. The ST connectors would've fallen out of favor, but the fiber itself would be fine. If you meant OM1 — multi-mode cable, then yeah, I'm surprised you got 15yrs out of it. (10G over that isn't going to do very well. For ~15m point-to-point, it's fine, but you'd be better off buying a newer OM3/4/5 cable instead. I say that looking at my bucket of 20yo OM1 cables — some are more white/yellow as they've been bleached by years under florescent lights.)

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