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A verdict in a case of missing Connecticut mother of five. The new girlfriend of the mom’s estranged husband could now face decades behind bars for conspiracy to murder her and tampering with evidence.

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7 gedachten over “Gerechtigheid voor Jennifer Dulos: Michelle Troconis schuldig | FOX5-nieuws”
  1. This is truly one of the saddest cases to land in awhile. But the COWARDLY exit that Fotus took is just so telling. And honestly, I don’t know if Michelle was “involved” and helped kill Jennifer, or just helped in the clean up. But there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that she wouldn’t have been at least SUSPICIOUS when her boyfriend spent the morning driving around town disposing of all of the bloody rags and cleanup items. A person would have to straight up …sorry… but just plain STUPID to not be suspicious of the actions Fotus took that day. But IF….IF….IF she is indeed that dumb and unaware That too is a tragedy. The whole case is a sad play. Because this look, visually anyway like an absolute BEAUTIFUL FAMILY THAT THIS LOSER TOOK!

  2. The entire Troconis family is delusional if they don't think their daughter is guilty. It is utterly comical watching them tantrum publicly with no clue how the world views their childish, entitled behavior.

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