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Two soldiers were killed and three more wounded at a South African National Defence Force (SANDF) camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The SA troops are part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) mission in the DRC deployed to support and assist the government in its efforts to bring peace, security and stability in the region

SABC News International Editor, Sophie Mokoena.

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14 gedachten over “DRC-aanval | Twee SANDF-soldaten gedood – Updates van Sophie Mokoena”
  1. You have the courage to write nonsense online. You are not well informed more than the UN ,USA ,FRANCE and so on, you are living in another planet in your country. Rwanda is one man show and I can assure you the day that the so called Kagame the Hitler of the great lake region will die , people like you will have nowhere to hide . You are tusti and this why you are supporting the atrocities Hitler Kagame is committing Genocide in Easter Congo. FDLR are rwandese and not congolese. They have every right to fight so that one day they can return to their homeland. In your small head you think that the Hutu will remain in exile forever? and not return to Rwanda? If you think like that, that means there's something wrong with your head. Bisimwa ,Kanyuka ,Nanga are all puppets of Hitler kagame. You can not even talk politics in your country because you know what will happen to you and your family , you are not big like Mihigo you know what happened to him, even his songs are banned in your country, you live in North Korea of Africa. Before coming online you can just ask your local authority why your country is sending young people to congo to fight, because can I tell you. They're becoming fertiliser on congolese soil . Did you hear the statement of the Tusti congolese asking Hitler kagame not to use them as excuses of sending his cronies in congo, if not try to find out. Izinyezi nonsense

  2. Goodness gracious Sophie Mokoena! She's truly enlightened and comprehends the situation impeccably. Might I kindly request conveying this vital information to President Ramaphosa? It's imperative that he's may not be aware of the current state of affairs. Additionally, it's crucial to inform the populace in Kinshasa, as well as the vast number of individuals who have departed from the Democratic Republic of Congo seeking asylum abroad. Many among them are unaware of the prevailing circumstances busy making noises on social media without being informed. It's like telling the Maasai from Kenya to go back to their own country, or saying the Yoruba from Benin aren't really Beninese, or telling the Venda that they're not South Africans.

  3. Nono this is not true!!!! Please do not agree with kAGAME regime , they are liars 😮😮😮. The issues of DRC is KAGAME and his regime!!!!

  4. She's failed to bring out the real issues. She is just repeating what all other s3lf proclaimed experts on the region said. Nothing new,

  5. The problems of the great region is called Hitler Paul kagame. He tried to have confrontation with Tanzanian when Kikwete was in power,who is hubouring peoples who tried to overthrow the gouvernement of Peter Nkuruzinza? The so called Red Tabara. Its the same Hitler Kagame. Do you know why the border between Uganda and Rwanda was closed for about two years? The same Hitler kagame was sending his peoples to Kampala to try to kill president Museveni and kidnapping tutsi Rwandan who are not dancing to Hitler Kagame tunes.

  6. Why SA sends its troops?

    Don't talk nonsense Sophie…which people of eastern DRC say so?

    Thabo Mbeki also spoke nonsense. He supports Tutsis, Congolese know how the Tutsis did in the 1996 war. They can't forget, that only evaluation is the solution in this matter.

    DRC will never again negotiate with aggressors, forget it Sophie.

    Congolese are ready to be condemned for whatever crime, to protect their country, and they do whatever it takes to make sure, peace comes through fire and not sitting around the table with invaders.

  7. There’s never going to be no political solution Rwanda is stealing minerals from Congo as result they killed and raped millions this is nothing to do Rwanda war the war between Hutus and Tutsi has nothing to do with Congo Kagame killed 2 heads of states of Hutu origin and you do maths

  8. This comment raises several key points about the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC):
    Negotiations: It questions the effectiveness of past negotiations in resolving issues in the DRC, suggesting a lack of progress or lasting solutions.
    Arrest of Rwandese Soldiers: The mention of Rwandese soldiers being arrested in the DRC implies concerns about foreign involvement in the region's conflicts.
    Resource Exploitation: The comment suggests that conflicts in the DRC are largely driven by the exploitation of its rich natural resources, with Western powers possibly manipulating regional actors like Rwanda's President Paul Kagame to serve their interests.
    Mineral Export: There's skepticism about Rwanda being the top exporter of minerals from the DRC, hinting at potential corruption or illicit trade practices.
    FDLR Fighters: It questions the sustainability of armed groups like the FDLR, highlighting the aging of their members and casting doubt on their continued ability to engage in conflict effectively.
    Overall, the comment underscores the complexity and challenges facing the DRC, including issues of foreign involvement, resource exploitation, and the longevity of armed groups, which are crucial factors in understanding and addressing the region's instability.

  9. This media is just corrupt
    The truth is different and they know but they pretend
    Give us a chance one day and we will tell you the true story

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