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M23 rebels were reportedly behind the mortar attack on the South African military base in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The group has been battling with Congolese forces in the eastern town of Sake.

The SANDF is part of Southern African Development Community forces, deployed to support the DRC army.

SABC News’s Chris Ocamringa reports from Kinshasa.

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25 gedachten over “DRC-aanval | Twee SANDF-soldaten gedood, drie gewond bij mortierexplosie”
  1. 😂😂😂😂 Ramaphosa is very weak President guys is like a small dog so South Africa send the soldiers to DRC but whn USA Send the to Isreal u start complaining what is that

  2. We will love South Africans forever❤ they accepted to die for us in place of being silence😢. May your souls rest in peace brozzos.

  3. Stop genocide to Congolese tusti they been killed by Congolese government stop tribalism you or black people African people put together. M23 power to you we love you.M23

  4. It has been more than 24 hours since this happened and no response from the president, this shows how weak the SANDF has become and how they are disregarded by the government. A normal response should be declaring war against the rebels, but maybe that will not happen as the government does not equip our military as needed… Its a shame

  5. First, they have to deal where the rebels are getting the weapons, then they need truck down those routes and. Sending troops now and then from different countries it's not gonna help. If rwanda is backing up the rebels then african union must scrutternize the point. Sorry for SANDF to loose 2 soldiers

  6. Its Not about the minerals. DRC Please tell the true story.
    Its about the Genocidal anti Rwanda FDLR and other Rebels active in DRC, that is fighting alongside the DRC army FARDC, against the M23 and also threatening Rwanda.
    The DRC government has been backing FDLR for 28 years, that's the MAIN reason the Congo Wars started in 1996.
    So stop blaming every one else, when you are the cause of your own problems.
    The sooner DRC deals with this Problem, the better for peace in the region.

  7. How countries support DRC to kill its own People, President Kisekedi him self agree in many meetings that M23 are Congolese ,

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