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President Cyril Ramaphosa says South Africa will continue to contribute to peace missions in Africa, including deploying troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Two South African soldiers were killed yesterday at a SANDF camp in the DRC, with three injured.

The President was responding to the debate on his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Meanwhile, opposition parties also weighed in.

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16 gedachten over “DRC-aanval | Oppositiepartijen reageren op de dood van SANDF-soldaten”
  1. Am among of the tribe in congo suffling the congo guvarment there doing genocide and all we are congolese ok we love southafrica coz we are all african but you don't focusing to the issue why those people there fight . There is a reason and you will realize that guvarment is wrong guvarment of congo is doing genocide but you can't understand if you don't belonges in congo

  2. Are they only 2 SANDF bodies? Investigate objectively. They may be more. Are there no SANDFs taken prisoner during many incidences? Ramaphosa knows the truth and he cannot reveal it.The truth will shock you.

  3. people of DRC include all congolese, not one excluded, guns are not necessarily at all to support congolese, please consult Tabombeki, guns suffer more much DRC

  4. This doesn't makes any logic ,how can you Mr President deployed weak soldier's workout proper equipments.

    Secondly which peace making deal are their fighting for. He's doing this for his personal interests which is diamonds and gold mines .With the expense of human life.

    He had failed to deploy soldier's here to combat aggressive crimes and killings.

    Deploying soldiers,is very expensive mission. We don't have enough electricity in the country ,but you're prioritising DRC issues.

    I'm sure everybody knows that DRC is the richest country in minerals ,so obvious your interests are evil .

  5. How many SAns peacekeepers perished to the hands of Rwanda in Eastern DRC? The 2 fallen heroes under SADC mission are adding to the list of assassinated SAn service members to the hands of Rwanda's military in Eastern DRC. What legitimacy Rwanda have to invade DRC? By the way, Rwanda used to be a majority populated Guru populated country, by what magic it had became a majority Tutsi land? So 1994 was well planned by the beneficiaries, FPR.
    Stop thinking of SA like a separate continent.
    Instead, this is the opportunity to begin thinking of a NATO of SADC which would require from every member to :
    – allocate a certain amount of its GDP do defense,
    – Acquire 40% of its military equipment from DENEL (which will make it more profitable and create jobs including expand supply chain in SADC region).
    Many African countries are economically where many Western countries were in the 1980s.
    In a changing world we must build strong alliances and think strategically.

  6. M23 are not terrorists ,they are Congolese Rwandophones fighting for their rights as citizens of Congo and resisting genocide done by FARDC and Rwanda Genocidaires FDLR…so dear South African don't join hands with this cruel government of Tchisekedi..Tutsi and Rwandophones are suffering in Eastern Congo, remember that that territory was one of ancient rwanda kingdom…. Ramafosa is opportunistic and don't care on human rights because of gold promised by Tchisekedi

  7. It's normal to have casualties in a battlefield, these opposition parties aren't saying nothing but wasting their breath. Where were they when SANDF killed numbers of M23 rebels. And for Malema that guy can be stupid sometimes, if he did research before saying inaccurate statements in public he would've saved himself the embarrassment. The SANDF troops were attacked by a mortar bomb which caught them by surprise, they were not under siege on their own base. These rebels know better than to face SANDF directly.

  8. SO our president is supporting the death of our soldiers being killed for no reason huh! SADEC does it helps South Africa with anything so far?

  9. They don't have support from South African weaponry due to budget cuts. They're taking these soldiers to thier death! Cyrils pathetic government is killing SA troops

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