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This film won’t show what the Netherlands is really like. Live it in the Netherlands
We are happy to welcome you back to the Netherlands, a lot has changed, but our country is still as beautiful and versatile as ever. We hope to welcome you to relax in our beautiful nature reserves, to enjoy the sun on our wonderful beaches and to be inspired by art and culture in our vibrant cities.

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Locations in this video:
1. Markthal Rotterdam
2. Europe’s highest swing at the Lookout tower in Amsterdam
3. supping in the canals of Haarlem
4. Deltaworks in Zeeland
5. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
6. Collecting oysters in the Oosterschelde, Zeeland
7. Hovenring bicycle roundabout, Eindhoven
8. The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path, Nuenen
9. Haterse Heater fields, Overasselt
10. Shylight Studio Drift at Domusdela building Eindhoven
11. Street art and coffeehouse in Eindhoven
12. Heritage square, Haarlem
13. Sailboat at the Wadden sea
14. Beach at Vlieland, Wadden Island

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