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Cash-strapped South African consumers will have to tighten their belts yet again.
They will start to pay more for electricity from today when Eskom effects its 12-point-74 percent electricity tariff increase.

Chief economist of the Efficient Group, Dawie Roodt, shares his thoughts.

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23 gedachten over “De prijsverhoging van Eskom gaat vandaag in: Dawie Roodt”
  1. This fool says Eskom must be privatised 🤬 and that is going to be worse. The market is not fair… Absolutely Tragic

  2. Why does the government not arrange for a new team to take Escom over and discover what has happened and what can be done to correct this !
    How come this did not happen when the old former government ran Escom ! !
    Makes you think 😡😠😲

  3. ALL the reasons 'JUSTIFYING' the increases are due entirely to Eskom's abysmal mismanagement, which despite the REALITY of no longer being FIT FOR PURPOSE continues to stagger from CRISIS TO CRISIS.

  4. South Africa needs wise and godly leaders. Electricity price hike before winter😮 No seriously we need wise and godly leadership

  5. Why people never go in the streets to protest electric high costs is mind-boggling. You toyi toyi against a woman from Mozambique selling tomatoes by the roadside and remain silent about electric price increase. Dullards 😅

  6. Increases are escalating on everything.. So SA citizens/voters, we so screwed, so brace urselves.. Hardship & Poverty increasing too..Eish..😢😢

  7. The goverment want the people to buy up the solar systems from China ,and all the gastoweS from China before they fix Eskom.Its all of there commitments to their allies.

  8. Bought R1000 night before increase & got 140 units but just a week before I got just more than 400 units ???? !!! …. they steal us blind !!!

  9. It took the ultra corrupt ANC 30years to destroy a reasonable working country.
    Their arrogance, incompetence, ignorance mixed with a dose of toxic black nationalism is a lethal poison.
    Pay up South Efreecans!

  10. I have a pre paid recharger meter….it's absolutely expensive I used to to get 12 units for R50 now I don't.know until I buy again

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