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A conflict on Saturday morning prompted a gunman to kill George Castellanos, a security guard at CityPlace Doral’s Martini Bar. He was 23.

11 gedachten over “De man die stierf terwijl hij bij de Doral-bar werkte, was 23”
  1. DeSantis passing permit less guns in public and other no restriction on guns

    is result of more gun violence and death.

    Shame on Republicans and their gun obsession.

  2. I have worked security for over 10 years and would never even consider working at a bar. There’s not enough money in the world for me to hang around drunks and people under the influence. Rest In Peace 🙏🏻

  3. In Security, how can you secure that person in States where carrying around guns are legal but the legal part is not the point, its the point of the law extending to others to carry on arms no matter if they are permitted. Only 1% of criminals will act out the crime without a gun as 99% needs to get a gun before acting out the crime. Security Guards are just sitting ducks for those who are out in public for the simple pleasure of looking for an incident to use their new found The Old West lifestyle, because it is the fantasies of the history of being Cowboys is a trait of every kid's perspective when learning or watching history's past use of guns in America. The 2nd Amendment has a serious LOOPHOLE to its freedom which overlooks the rights of true gun owners of common sense as of an adult nature of mind. That loophole is serious and not to be addressed in the public forum but a matter the lawmakers must bring up behind closed doors. A matter which needs to be addressed the old fashion way thru letters to our Lawmakers of the concerns. You know the loophole, write and fyi the truth.

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