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During the German invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940 Allied troops did arrive in the Netherlands to fight against the Germans. British troops embarked in the port of Hoek van Holland and French troops came in via Noord-Brabant and Zeeland. On 15 May 1940 the Dutch surrendered. What was the role of Allied troops during the Battle of the Netherlands? Were they able to make a difference or was the Dutch defeat inevitable?
History Hustle presents: The Allied “Help” during the German Invasion of the Netherlands.


– Mei 1940. De strijd op Nederlands grondgebied (Herman Amersfoort, Piet Kamphuis).
– De Slag om de Residentie (E.H. Brongers).
– Grebbelinie 1940 (E.H. Brongers).
– (21-11-2022).

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Beeld van Nederland – De oorlogsjaren 1940 – 1945
WWII–The Invasion of Holland
World War II – The French Army 1939-1940 (HD Color)
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Door Karel Metz

9 gedachten over “De geallieerde ‘hulp’ tijdens de Duitse invasie van Nederland”
  1. I love your videos. In this case, there is some information missing. Even if we had ordered weapons, we would not have given them. It was never in the interest of the so called allies, to defend Holland. This empire needed to be destroyed. Weapon deliveries to the Indies, ordered indeed, did not or barely arrived from the Americans. So Holland was the first empire to be destroyed. Second, I think, the Belgium and Dutch governments and armies never could agree to a joined defense operations. That might have changed the French ideas. They were only there to slow down the German advance to protect their own country. We never had allies, until the moment the Germans did take all Europe.

  2. And the Brits recovered the Netherland's stupid colonies for them at the end of the War. But the Dutch were too incompetent and cacque-handed to hold onto them – despite even resorting to near-genocide to do so!

  3. Remind me at what point during the War the Dutch did anything other than join the SS, round up Jews or soak up Allied resources? Certainly the Swamp Germans never played the 'cavalry' to any Brits in need.

  4. Heel interessant! Dat wist ik helemaal niet! Maar ik ben Engels, dus no surprise 😆 Woonde in Dordrecht voor 7 jaar in the 80s

  5. Thank you for something else I never knew, probably because all accounts tend to focus on the Fall of France and never mentioned that British and French were sent to Holland.

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