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The government tables a new bill targeting harmful online content; European leaders work to shore up support for Ukraine.

1:11 Feds table online harm bill
4:01 Western show of support for Ukraine
7:40 Sanderson inquest begins
10:43 Airlines up ancillary fees
13:18 B.C. house flipping tax
15:53 PM on support for Ukraine
20:36 Alphonso Davies to join Real Madrid

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23 gedachten over “CTV Nationaal Nieuws | Maandag 26 februari 2024: Feds tafelt online schadewet”
  1. WE will all have to find new ways to express our hatred for Trudeau and all the liberals that have supported him. Thats right you too.

  2. This is just a bill pretending to be for the protection of the vulnerable…in reality this is about control and removing freedoms for your 'safety' . Here's an idea why doesn't the government hire a team to police the internet and actually do their Jobs!!! Instead they create more bogus bills, laws and policies that don't actually work in practical reality.

  3. "Russia continues to silence any critics of the war in Ukraine"
    Uh, I've had 10 reddit accounts banned for not supporting Ukraine or Russia

  4. Canadians who knew Navalny before he died: 0
    Canadians who are deeply saddened and crushed by the death of Navalny: 99999999999999999999999999999

  5. What no coverage of Congress's desire to remove Biden??? If it was happening to Trump it would be the lead story!! No bias there!

  6. Thank goodness. By no means am I a fan of Justin. With that said…
    I am a huge proponent of keeping Canada's most vulnerable safe from the teens, adults, and, sometimes, from the elderly who are predators/exploiters. And, I possess an equal in focus humanitarian side which is focused on routing out racist, homophobic, transphobic, and sexist, just to name a few, rhetoric that is so pervasive online that sites have created algorithms which increase the visibility to those harmful things. Profit over humanism/kindness. It is about time that influential components of our societies are focusing on cleaning up what is an empowering, connective, and borderless tool, the internet. Much love to all who are committed to keeping children, teens, and in many cases adults safe from harm/exploitation. And, an equal much love to all who lend ther hearts and their minds to social justice issues. 🌺

  7. A absolute atrocity to all Canadians. We lose more rights and freedoms to Liberal safety to the point where you spend your life in jail if you say something Liberals consider hate. Comedy is illegal in Canada.

  8. This is a country that releases serial killers. Violent and sexual crimes get slaps on the wrist.
    …this law is ripe for abuse by a failed govt desperate for more control.
    Scary times in Canada right now.

  9. Shame on you Trudeau you're so sure of yourself; the world is heading into a crisis like never seen before and you will not be prepared for it; like the pandemic.

  10. my pastor screens his sons computer/ tablet and gets alert if something wrong. Whats wrong parents pass the buck regarding their children welfare.

  11. The safety and exploitation of children is allowed in schools, sports, bathroom and locker rooms. Online is simply a conduit of that behavior. Keep children safe from all avenues.

  12. The Online Harms Bill is a great piece of legislation.  

    When someone gets upset that they can’t exploit children or post revenge porn… I’m not at all concerned about what they think.

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