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The Chicago Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is currently responding to an officer-involved shooting in Dolton.

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21 gedachten over “COPA-onderzoekers belden voor een schietpartij waarbij agenten betrokken waren in Dolton”
  1. This tahoe Tiffany got folks doing drive bys ,yall better get this woman outta office b4 she gets someone deleted this has gone wayyy to far,an yet she still holds her position, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  2. So they caught a robbery suspect? So I see they finally arrested the mayor. And how ya rob someone when the mayor has fleeced pretty much everyone.

  3. Smh… The comment section 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't support the mayor, but she can't help who is shooting in that neighborhood. The police are actually handling this issue, according to the news.

  4. Fake reparations. No direct $$$$$ to slavery descendants. Bunch of committees and commissions gonna be formed to get paid for writing redundant reports that only profits those on those committees and commisions…………

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