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In good discusion with composer-guitar player Jorge Triana I recorded for him his composition ´Don Juan Thelonious´, on the brand new Contrabass Saxophone.
Recorded on April 10. 2024.
Bert Brandsma – Contrabass Saxophone

5 gedachten over “Contrabass Sax Maniac – excercise #2 ´Don Juan Thelonious´ composed by Jorge Triana”
  1. Master Bert Brandsma. Once again I express my admiration and respect, thank you for existing, for his great talent, his technical interpretative mastery, and his power of creation and improvisation. You prove once again that any instrument can be a soloist depending on the musician who plays it.
    Today, April 10, 2024, is a historic day for me as a composer. Thank you for giving life to my song Don Juan Thelonios from your perspective. I am extremely grateful and pleased.
    God bless you with good health and great success.
    His friend and admirer.
    Jorge Triana.

  2. Geweldig. Wat een instrument. Wat een adem! Veel jazzfestvals meegemaakt, maar deze is natuurlijk niet in je binnenzak te steken.🙃

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