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A musician has to be versatile these days!
Here is a TV commercial with Bert Brandsma playing sousaphone.

The story behind this is even greater
Bert was asked to play the trumpet, so he arrived with a beautifull shiny borrowed trumpet on the TV set. When it was time to do his part they suddenly said : No, no, not that little trumpet, that big one over there!

It turned out to be a sousaphone!

Then, afterwards , the organiser said , well, well….. what do you think….
you are asked to play trumpet, and they show up with a trombone!…….

It was a great experience. Any filmmaker in the need of a player of the saxophone / clarinet / trumpet / trombone / sousaphone / drums / conductor / arranger or a full band, please contact me at :

Well, here you can see the results.

The commercial was shown in the break of the X factor on RTL4, Dutch television.

Bert Brandsma studied classical saxophone and jazz saxophone at the conservatory of Groningen.
He now is bandleader of the Dixieland Crackerjacks

Door Luz Ford

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