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Netherlands, a country known for its picturesque canals, vibrant tulip fields, and a rich cultural heritage. But, beyond the surface lies a treasure trove of fascinating facts that often escape the spotlight. In today’s video, we’re diving deep into this enchanting land to unearth 15 things you might not know about the Netherlands. From its unique approach to transportation, to a city built on stilts, and even a village without roads, prepare to be amazed by the hidden wonders of this European gem. So, grab your clogs and let’s embark on a journey of discovery!

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29 gedachten over “15 verbluffende feiten over NEDERLAND die u sprakeloos zullen maken!”
  1. This may have been a good video, but the noise or soundtrack was so annoying I couldn't watch the entire video. Cut out the background "music" it would be much better

  2. BTW , those weren’t British and Dutch soldiers… they were the GERMAN ones… Just get your facts politically and historically CORRECT dude !

  3. No doubt the Netherlands is a beautiful country and has a good social security system and maybe a reasonable health system. Cheese, flowers, windmills, countryside and culture can be highly appreciated, however calling it a safe country is absolutely false. Your personal belongings at the airports, streets, railway stations can disappear in no time or the music systems in your car can be stolen in no time. The main problem is drug addicted youth. The police will just record your complaint, do not expect any outcome since they have so many crime reports per day, they show helplessness. So be careful, don't leave your bags, hand bags or pouches unattended.

  4. What a shame my reaction why The Netherlands and Amsterdam are far from LGBT+ friendly is deleted, this channel is rubbish with a bunch of misinformation

  5. You are wrong in the fact that Netherlands is the most crowded. Malta is about 246 square kilometers with a population of over 500,000. That means over 2000 per square kilometer. Hands down the most densely populated country in Europe. I won't bother watching the rest of the video!

  6. The other reason the Netherlands is a safe and happy place is "live and let live"! They put "religion" in the correct place in their society! That is, it's has no place in government or schooling and is considered a personal matter! The religious retards in the United States could learn a lot from these people! Also, corporate money doesn't control their government unlike the completely broken government of the United States!

  7. CORRECTIONS: 1 : Tollest people because we eat a lot of potatos and bread
    2: The Homomonument is not representing the so cdalled LBTQ etc. community but it is a monumenr for the gay communitie..Not this combination of letters that nothing has to do with or shares anything with being homosexsual.
    3: Safety net? The Dutch people who really need it will have to lose everything they might have or own before they maybe qualify for any help.
    4: Amsterdam has 1900 bridges 5 : The people living in Kinderdijk hate tourists because their tiny town is over run by them.
    6 : If you count only the native Duthc people it's almost 4kg drop per year 7 : There are 500 million bicycles in China, only 22 million in NL 8: Dietse Bloed??? You mean : Duitse Bloed and that means German Blood. It was used only in the time of the 2nd world war .9 : The royal palace is shown on the first and 3th photo but the 2nd is the Rijks Museum ( which looks more like a castle;)

  8. Very misleading stats in comparison to the UK. Why? Scotland is the answer. Scotland makes up 32% of the U.K.’s landmass, where 91% of Scots live in urban settlements, taking up just 2.3% of the land. In other words, 97% of Scotland is a vast virtually empty space, populated by less then half a million people. England on its own has the second densest population in Europe @ 434 per sq km. behind the Netherlands, but well above of Belgium.

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